Heart Warriors

Deep Dive - Solo Mini Retreats from


For those ready to dive deeply, to fully immerse in a shamanic healing experience specifically focussed on your individual needs, hopes and desires moving forward.

If we are aligned to work together, this can be an amazing opportunity for real personal growth, healing, clearing, empowerment, breakthrough and integration.

❤️ Plant ceremonies including heart opening Cacao, deep clearing sananga, meditative Hap'e and energy cleansing by way of smudging ceremonies with tobacco and sage.

🌳 Integration, deep discussion and dot joining as well as intention setting during our walks amongst nature

❤️ A full shamanic healing

❤️ Discover your own inner magic. I can hold space and give you foundational information to approach shamanic journeying for your self by guiding you through a series of journeys of discovery and connection. This includes connection with Mother Earth, Power Animal, Spirit or Shamanic Guide, developing and understanding protection, sacred space and power retrieval.

❤️ Deep plant medicine experiences 

❤️ Opening and closing ceremonies. These short ceremonies introduce you to the presence of my own guides and ancestors as we go on to open the space for the unfolding of the next few days 

❤️ Breath work


❤️ Sacred release

🔥 Fire Ceremony

Packages start from £350 

Accommodation is available amongst other local options.

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