Heart Warriors

Online Workshop - Shamanic Connection.


A Workshop for Shamanic Connection - This workshop includes valuble additional content about Shamanism and protection, and all four of our connection series downloads.

This collection of guided journeys is offered as a way to connect to your own inner guidance, wisdom, spirit guides & power animals, as well as to connect deeper with your Inner Child and Mother Earth. 

This workshop can stand you at the beginning of a shamanic path, offering what is needed to begin connecting deeper inside and realising your unique potential and a way of life. Some of the steps included here were fundamental in my own self healing.

A lot of information is also supplied for your reading and listening that supports the journeying by offering experience from both Zannah and I, as well as underpinning and giving base knowledge of shamanism.


Shamanic Connection PDF

Inner Child PDF

Inner Child Meditation MP3

Mother Earth Info MP3

Mother Earth Journey MP3

Power Animal PDF

Power Animal Info MP3

Power Animal Journey MP3

Spirit Guide PDF

Spirit Guide Info MP3

Spirit Guide Journey MP3

Protection & Love MP3

Shamanic Protection MP3

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