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Downloads to inspire, empower and connect you to your own inner magic. Begin your Shamanic path with this inspired range of shamanic content available for download.

Our digital workshop includes ALL downloads plus additional content

- Connect with your inner child

- Connect with your power animal

- Connect with your Shamanic guide

- Create your own sacred space

- Create your own energetic protection

- Connect with Mother Earth

- Supportive PDF's

- Supporting spoken content, veiws, guidence, stories and inspiration

About This Workshop

The Inspiration

We are inspired to offer this workshop and it not only offers the power and diversity that Zannah and I offer in coming together, but clearly demonstrates the benefits of embracing a combination of more than one shamanic path or culture.

The steps in this workshop is everything you need, not only to start shamanic journeying, but to start engaging with your own power, inner strength, guidance and wisdom, and to acknowledge your inner child, shadow, and healing. All whilst connecting and being held on new levels with Mother Earth.

Rob - "Shortly after learning the tools in this workshop, I’d become hopelessly attached to the outcome of a situation which really tore at my heart. I was at my utmost vulnerable having returned from my trip to Peru where I sought healing with plant medicine, this was a major bump in my integration from that healing, yet was also a huge turning point for me.

I dropped inwards to connect with my guide like I’d been shown and was simply told to exhale. I did, and I knew I had to push every bit of breath out of my lungs. I must have gone blue, gurgling sounds, it wasn’t pretty. When I stopped. inhaled and came out of my journey, all of the heaviness from that situation had gone, disappeared, that relationship or the promise of it I’d attached to, no longer mattered to me, it was an incredibly powerful experience and importantly, I was simply following instruction from the beautiful connection with my guide.

And so those first tools and connections are the very first shamanic steps. They are big steps and I have, with the help of my guides, created my own version of how to guide you in with drum and voice to connect. With this beginning you can not only discover your power animal and guide, and see if shamanic practice in general is a path you’d like to follow, but you'll be standing at a gateway that can lead to self healing, stepping into your own power, infinite possibility for yourself in this reality and of course beyond.


Your Inner Child

So we have Shamanic journeying is going within, connecting with your guides and power animals to gain information from an altered state of mind in another world (the cosmos) beyond what we consider ordinary reality. 

But this one day workshop does not stop there as Zannah imparts further knowledge about self healing and connection with your inner child. This is eaqual in power as we have a human need to understand and heal our own suffering, to acknowledge those wounded aspects and learn how to hold them in love, to honour and to bring to light what was previously unconcious.

Working With


Working alongside Zannah is a real privilege. Not only is she pure of heart and the epitome of authenticity, but she carries such a diverse and in depth understanding and experience of shamanism and healing in addition to her trauma informed approach and understanding of the shadow. She has accumulated this and much more over 18 years and what she adds to workshops and training is priceless.

Zannah will connect us with our inner child and speak into this and it's importance, how it connects to our shadow. She will guide us in meditation to connect and experience our true essence.

You will led by drum and voice in order to * Connect with your power animal * Connect with your guide * Create your own sacred space * Create your own energetic protection *Connect with Mother Earth

Your Hosts

Rob & Zannah

Also avaialble as a digital download. Please see below for this recorded version of the coirse to work through in the privacy of your own home and to complete in your own downtime. Either option is a real investment into oneself.

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My Beginning

“Before I formally trained in shamanics, I was gifted the opportunity to learn the fundamental aspects of journeying and connection by one of the most amazing Western Shaman in Europe. She guided me through this process and it was confirmation I was on my true path. I was then able to develop my connection with my guides, and I experienced some astounding self healing. 

Now formaly trained and with my own teachings, messages and gifts from spirit, I look to pass on this information believing in its empowerment and ability to reconnect us"

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