With Heart Warriors

We offer a range of shamanic and shadow work workshops both online and in person.

A One Day Workshop (in person)

Shamanic Connection - £150

- Connect with your inner child

- Connect with your power animal

- Connect with your Shamanic guide

- Create your own sacred space

- Create your own energetic protection

- Fire Ceremony/sound journey

About This Workshop

The Inspiration

I’m inspired to give this workshop for very good reason. When I first came home from my initial trip to Peru, I’d become aware of a highly regarded western shaman in the UK, I knew I had to meet her. She guided me with the fundamentals of this workshop, in that she held space and helped me understand the connection with my own guides and power animals, creating my own protection and sacred space.

This is all you need to start shamanic journeying for yourself. To begin stepping into your own power, with the support of your own guides. You’ll never be alone again and once developed you’ll truly understand that you have everything you need, inside of you.

Shortly after that experience, and learning the tools in this workshop, I’d become hopelessly attached to the outcome of a situation which really tore at my heart. I was at my utmost vulnerable having returned from my trip to Peru where I sought healing for depression and anxiety, this was a major bump in my integration from the healing over there.

I dropped inwards to connect with my guide like I’d been shown and was simply told to exhale. I did, and I knew I had to push every bit of breath out of my lungs. I must have gone blue, gurgling sounds, it wasn’t pretty. When I stopped. inhaled and came out of my journey, all of the heaviness from that situation had gone, disappeared, that relationship or the promise of it I’d attached to, no longer mattered to me, it was an incredibly powerful experience.

And so those first tools and connections are the very first shamanic steps. They are big steps. With this beginning you can not only discover your power animal and guide, and see if shamanic practice in general is a path you’d like to follow, but they take you to a gateway really, and that gate leads to everything. Self healing, stepping into your own power, infinite possibility for yourself in this reality and of course beyond.


Inner Power

Shamanic journeying is going within, connecting with your guides and power animals to gain information from an altered state of mind in another world (the cosmos) beyond what we consider ordinary reality. 

This one day workshop will give you all of the essentials to do just that, showing you the gateway to infinite possibility and information. self healing and connection and that of others and land. It’s everything both inside and outside as far as you could imagine, and more.

A full day of Journeying, Connecting and Ceremony


You will learn how to journey yourself in order to * Connect with your power animal * Connect with your guide * Create your own sacred space * Create your own energetic protection

After which Robert will hold a sacred heart opening cacao ceremony in which you will journey with the sound of his flute, didgeridoo, singing bowls, whistling and vocals. A sound journey if you will.

Bring an offering for the fire, you might bring a selection of herbs, tobacco, frankincense, something natural. The purpose of this sacred fire will be to help us release some of what no longer serves us.

* Sound journey * Fire ceremony

Your Hosts

Rob & Zannah

Tell your story

“Before I formally trained in shamanics, I was gifted the opportunity to learn the fundamental aspects of journeying and connection by one of the most amazing Western Shaman in Europe. She guided me through this process and as a result I not only knew 100% that shamanism resonated and considered it my path, but also with this knowledge I was able to begin to develop my connection with my guide, and I experienced some astounding self healing.”