Healings & Ceremonies with Robert

My offerings range from full shamanic healing that work on all energetic levels, for example in the energy field, chakras and deep onto soul level, through to hosting 1-2-1 plant ceremonies where we would immerse in the consciousness and healing of various plants

I also offer Reiki, though be it with somewhat of a shamanic element including voice and sound, as well as offering inner child healing and intuitive healing sessions where we explore the best path forward for you if your'e, and trust that everything evolves as is meant to be.

Full Shamanic Healing Info

Entity Removal/Extraction

Psychic Surgery

Chakra Balance/Upgrading

Soul Retrieval 

DNA Clearing and Ancestry Healing 

Past Life Clearing

Kama clearing

Sound flute/didge/singing/whistling

Here’s a brief explanation to some of the shamanic tools that are often used in my healings for.

Entity removal is the removal of energies or attachments that have connected and moved into your energetic field. It’s essential these are removed with love, kindness and compassion, the same way all of my shamanic healing is conducted.

Psychic surgery is not only used to repair the energetic field having had an entity removed, it's also to aid any type of ailment in our physical bodies. These ailments are often linked to something unresolved in your lifetime or another and is why in shamanic practice, we work on all levels for a full healing.

Stepping deeper now into the chakra system, these may have been effected for a number of reasons and it’s important to upgrade, repair or re balance and align chakras so we can healthily function energetically in life.

When we experience any kind of trauma in this lifetime, part of our soul or life force can detach. Soul retrieval is about healing that trauma and reconnecting that element of ourselves that has detached, helping us stand in our fullest and powerful version of ourselves.

Sometimes trauma and the resulting belief systems and behavioural patterns can be passed down for many generations. DNA clearing via journeying to the point of creation and resolving that friction, anger or whatever the case may be, can be a very important piece of someone’s puzzle.

To have experienced unresolved trauma in a previous life can explain irrational behaviour in this life. Past life clearance is about freeing that part of your soul from a previous life can help you let go of that behaviour in your now.

The world of

Plant Medicine

Plant conciousness - As a practitioner I am honoured to work alongside and in a way, 'for' some of the plants I connect with.

Please feel free to connect with me further on this, I offer ceremonies and ongoing treatment on a one to one and a one to two basis when aligned.