Shamanic Journeys and Powerful Meditations

Rob & Zannah

Shamanic Sound Bath - Vibration, Healing, Breath

Rob & Zannah

If I were to try and describe these events, I’d say they were a shamanic sound bath, but add to that, the inclusion of Robert visiting each attendees matt/space for a 1 to 1 healing or clearing, or simply holding space for a moment.

Icaros, whistling, flute, voice, drum, rattle, bowls and chimes. Zannah’s beautiful Icaros, sounds from the jungle, whistling and shakers, a myriad of shamanic sound and vibration washing over you as you dive deep within to honour yourself in that moment.

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Every month or so we look forward to coming together in circle to connect and to lie back and enjoy this shamanic sound journey by Rob and Zannah. An opportunity to release, align, receive, connect, whatever it needs to be for you. Accompanied by some breath work, taking this to another level should you chose, this is a deeply healing experience.

Shamanic Tales With

Rob & Zannah

Grab a blanket, huddle around the fire/candles 😂, as we both share our story’s and experiences of awakening, ayahuasca, shamanic practice and healing journeys in general, answering any questions you may have. 

Storytelling is enchanting and an ancient part of healing. Finding resonance in another’s journey can be very powerful. Knowledge that you’re not alone can be a huge comfort, to know that someone truly understands. 

Not only rich with insightful information, story’s are often metaphorically interpreted giving clarity and revealing hidden similarities. 

Shamanic Tales


From tales in the Peruvian Amazon, their experiences with Ayahuasca, their own teaching and personal lessons and realisations, the shamanic tools they’ve learned, everything has a story. These are the stories of how those tools and experiences ultimately helped heal themselves and now help others. Rob will play some flute and give a little whistle, Zannah will sing one of her many beautiful Icaros A hot drink, ambience, warmth, authenticity, heart warming stories and hard hitting personal truths. An evening to remember.

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Robert does provide courses nation wide on his own for Souljunkie and its best to stay posted via social media for updates as well as here.

We may also tour and bring on online events in 2021.

Walking a Shamanic Path