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Full Shamanic Practitioner Course

Become a Shamanic Practitioner - Transformative, trauma informed Shamanic Training with Rob and Zannah

12 month shamanic course

Shamanic Healer

We are absolutely thrilled to be creating and bringing you a full shamanic course. it will embrace all that Zannah and I have learned on our own shamanic paths. A course that is transformational, truly putting you in your own power.

My own path has been well documented but in a nutshell, shamanic practice in various forms, saved my life and was everything that resonated with me, enabling me to connect both with myself and the earth again, to my soul, truly finding who I was for the first time in adult life.

Zannah has walked her own challenging path to evolve as an incredibly gifted healer for the past 17 years. She has worked closely with some amazing people including Teal Swan and Javier Arevalo. I am honoured to be writing this course with her, coming soon in 2021.

Coming Soon

12 Month Course

Time to step into your own power.

Walk Your Shamanic Path

With Rob & Zannah

12 months total


Monthly Payment Options Available

Coarse Teachers

Rob and Zannah

12 months of learnig healing tools and walking a path of self healing, understanding and shadow work to become a clear vessel for healing and truly step into your own power, your own light, your own uniqueness as a shamanic healer.


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Full Shamanic Healing


Full Shamanic Healing