Welcome to Souljunkie Clothing

Hello and welcome to Souljunkie….

I am so excited to announce the launch of Souljunkie! The vision of a clothing brand based on authenticity was gifted to me during a sacred ceremony in Peru in February 2019. The picture planted in my mind was a clothing line for everyone who wants to wear their heart on their sleeve, increase their vibration and ultimately assist in raising the consciousness of the planet. Finally, after months of manifesting, help from the universe, guides and some amazing people, Souljunkie is here!

But clothing is just a small part of my vision

  • Every sale contributes to feeding children across the world.
  • We will also be working on a voluntary basis at retreats and workshops and genuinely, like all of you, we want to help others.
  • We will create fund-raising events for not-for-profit organisations doing amazing work that resonates with us.
  • We are committed to sponsoring up and coming spiritual leaders that might need a leg up.
  • We will eagerly reach out to people in need of healing and help in a multitude of ways to assist all those we can within the spiritual community.

But where did all of this come from?

Well, I am not ashamed to admit that a few years ago I pretty much had a breakdown as a result of many factors in my past. This was shortly followed by anxiety and depression that left me completely overwhelmed. In hindsight, to some extent, depression and anxiety had been rearing their heads for many years, if not most of my life. My path took me to Iquitos in Peru and The Hummingbird Healing Centre. I stayed there a month and basically owe my life to the centre. At the midpoint of my stay I found myself asking questions during a ceremony such as ‘what are my gifts’. I had the overwhelming sense that I just wanted to help people and I was given clear visions that have now developed into Souljunkie.

Upon my return to the UK I threw myself into learning Reiki, sound healing and journeying to my guides for assistance. I was able to draw from my new strength and focus on developing Souljunkie too. Directly helping people will remain my main focus, it’s my heart’s passion following my own experiences, and I am truly blessed to be able to do this. Souljunkie offers a me larger platform to be able to offer this assistance and this truly excites me!

A greener life.

We are 100% behind delivering products that are kind to our environment. We use natural, organic and sometimes upcycled products where possible and we are dedicated to embracing the increasing range of alternative solutions hitting the market as we develop ourselves.

Together, we are stronger.