Introducing our partner charity: Survival International

One of Souljunkie’s biggest values and missions is the saviour and sustenance of our beautiful planet, Gaia, or Pachamama as she’s known in South America. This is exactly what we kept firmly in mind when thinking of the charity we wished to partner with in the generation of donations produced by each sale that our company makes.

When it comes to ‘saving the Earth’, there are many, many charities and organisations out there - most of whom are doing truly great things. For Souljunkie, there is one sure way of moving closer to the fulfillment of this mission; the survival and sustenance our contemporaries, the peoples who understand and manage their environments better than any others- the world's indigenous populations. And this is why we have chosen to partner with Survival International.

The importance of indigenous societies

The age of industry gave a huge boost to a certain world society, stamping it home as the dominant culture across our modern societies. What we’re referring to is the society of profit-generation and money-making. This is literally the spine of the world that we know, and it remains in existence because we are fully, subconsciously subscribed to it. It is our creation and it is the framework within which we still choose to exist in these times. But there are other societies - indigenous societies - which still live outside of this paradigm and which still operate fully self-sustainably, without the need to make money or generate profit. And whilst it is in no way our intention to get all political with this post, we do want to highlight the value of what such indigenous societies bring to our world.

The dominant, industry-based and money-making culture of our mainstream society is so very young. It has so many positive qualities to offer us - not least the potential for some serious personal development and growth for those who choose to heed such a call. However, the dominant drivers of this modern society have many of us - especially some of the more medium-large sized corporations - somewhat blind-sided in terms of what’s truly important if we wish for our planet and all races who reside upon it to survive into a long and sustainable future. Oftentimes, in the name of short-term profits and financial growth, we are wiping out stretches of natural land that are scientifically proven to form crucial parts of our planet’s symbiotic ecosystem. And on an even more devastating front, we see ourselves sometimes forcing indigenous peoples who live outside of mainstream society to follow our rules of law and leave their sustainable practices in favour of our monetary system. In the most common cases, we are dislodging indigenous communities from their own homelands, forcing our way onto the lands to manipulate them for our own financial gain; in the most severe ones we are actively taking a part in genocide. And this is exactly what Survival International aims to stop.

We have so much to learn from indigenous populations.

Indigenous peoples’ societies have grown alongside ours for centuries. For a large part of our history, our societies were the same, until certain populations industrialised to create what now is mainstream society. Contrary to what many people believe, mainstream society has only been around for a short time, the basis of which originated in our ways of life at the time. Indigenous peoples have gained a knowledge of their environments that allows them to maintain, and possibly contribute to, natures' diversity - after all it’s no coincidence that 80% of the world’s biodiversity is in tribal peoples’ lands. In this way, indigenous peoples are without a doubt the world’s best conservationists.

Their revolutionary, groundbreaking natural science of their way of existing and inhabiting Earth has many lessons that mainstream society could learn from. We say ‘revolutionary’ and ‘groundbreaking’, but we’re talking of a science that has been integral to their societies since the beginning of time - it is nothing ‘new’. It only seems new to us, because our current world is all that we know and all that we ever have known.

Why Survival International?

As you can see, by working to keep the cultures of the world’s indigenous populations not just alive, but thriving, we will - as a very natural offshoot of said work - see the planet upon which we co-exist thrive, too. And this is the work that Survival International is doing to such a high degree of excellence. On many occasions, such charities and organisations are in need of funds - and some of them choose to sacrifice integrity for money, accepting ‘underhand’ payments from some of the global corporations from which they are working to protect the indigenous populations and lands, in exchange for allowing them to perpetuate their damaging behaviours. Survival International never accepts any such payments, staying fully in integrity with their underlying values and ethos. They rely entirely on donations from the public.

Survival International's Mission

The work of Survival International includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fighting for the survival of tribal peoples
  • Stopping loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives and livelihoods across the globe.
  • Lobbying governments to recognise indigenous land rights.
  • Documenting and exposing the atrocities committed against tribal people and taking direct action to stop them.
  • One of the jobs they also undertake, which is one of the very most important ones for us at Souljunkie, is the provision of a platform for the world’s indigenous populations to speak to the wider world.
Survival International have had over 200 significant victories since 1969 and they continue to achieve truly magnificent things in the world. But they still need all the help they can get, and this is why at Souljunkie we could not be more stoked to have partnered with such a phenomenal organisation.

Survival International and Souljunkie - linking arms since the summer of 2019! 😎✊🏽