Healing at Souljunkie

‘It was the spirit of Ayahuasca that guided me to my truth’

 Peru - Since my first life changing, life saving voyage of discovery and experiences with Ayahuasca, many of you know that when I came back home, I then set about my mission to create Souljunkie. 

 It was the spirit of Ayahuasca that guided me to my truth, that I could truly help people, and in fact that had been my true nature all along. In answer to one of my questions, Ayahuasca replied, “Robert you have many gifts, go, have fun exploring them.”

 I knew I wanted to help everyone, to be accessible, and was also told that apparel was part of the puzzle. So on my return I created the brand, learned how to give reiki, chose a charity that truly resonated with me and picked up a native flute having been inspired by Manny, the Shaman in ceremony.

 ‘Then unexpectedly the spirit came back’ - ‘Yikes’

 Some months passed and in some ways I was delighted by my progress, the
support by you all, and the initial growth of things, structure, engagement etc. However I’d become out of balance and began to struggle wading through resistance, not feeling truly aligned and somewhat struggling with my path, my vision and my future. Things began to darken again at times, I was struggling, reminiscent of the reasons I was drawn to Peru initially. It was during the months leading up to my second journey to Iquitos some 12 months later, that I had a major aha moment. Thanks to a beautiful ceremony and a new found connection with a specific plant spirit, a golden teacher.








The intention set was - Bring me back in line with Souljunkie. The first part of the

message back was loud and clear. ‘Get your strength back up before you go to the jungle.’ Okay great I thought, and so in what seemed a long blissful moment, I was happily registering everything that meant to me. Back to the gym, eat more, give up the vape. All of which I did with pretty much immediate effect. Then unexpectedly the spirit came back, morphing out of a bush a flying upwards from around my ankles ... ‘because when you come back, you’re working me’.  Yikes I thought, I never considered myself working in the medicine space on a full time basis. However as things have evolved, he didn’t really mean that either. It was a message to excite me, to inspire me and to help me realise the fundamentals of where I’d gone off track. I was to work on the same side, to work with spirit in general. The timing couldn’t have been better as I was about to advance from my reiki and start my Shamanic training. 

 ‘continuing to provide distant healings on a tips basis to everyone worldwide’

 You see in the drive required to launch a brand of any nature, I’d become so focussed on the brand itself, the structure and a push for sales in all honesty. Fallen by the wayside was the reiki I’d learned, the healings I was giving, the whole reason I’d started Souljunkie to begin with was to help people 1st, and to provide a community with true brand that resonated, one would support the other, and vice versa. I don’t regret it, going off track. It was of course, all perfect, I now see that I personally, needed to focus on building one thing at a time, spirit knows me far better than I know myself, always a step ahead.

 And so this January came, Peru the 2nd. Beautiful it was too, connecting with more beautiful souls. And here we are, I’m making huge shifts and connecting with sprit on a level I’m super excited about and truly grateful for, as a direct result of my Shamanic training. 

 I’m super proud to announce that Souljunkie now has a healing page. Thank you to everyone that has booked sessions with me and all those that do, as well as those who buy teeshirts and hoodies. I will continue to donate the same amount that I do from each clothing sale, from each healing I do also, to Souljunkies chosen charity, Survival International

 I’m also continuing to provide distant healings on a tips basis to everyone worldwide, for as long as the UK remains in a position of restricted contact and social distancing, possibly even beyond that. I just feel guided currently. 

 So there you have it, Souljunkie - healing, apparel, online events, retreats, meditations (YouTube - Souljunkie with Robert Leons)

 I know healing is my path first and for most. I am passionate about the apparel, it’s a consistent way we can support our charity and can stand in the message of what we all believe in, knowing the clothing itself is a conscious choice. It’s a way I can offer help to people in need and I am very much looking forward to hosting/co hosting workshops and retreats.

 Souljunkie - More than an ethical clothing brand.

 Author - Robert Leons