Offering beautiful Cacao and various shamanic ceremonies across the UK and beyond

Who is Robert

Just a guy walking a path, playing flute, unraveling his truth and sharing it with an open heart and authenticity. A shamanic healer ready to dive in and discover more about himself, to feel more fulfilled and to help others discover their own empowerment.

From deep and reasonably extensive experiences with plant medicine in the Amazon Jungle for my own healing, to training in Siberian & Peruvian based full Shamanic training. I have learned, I have studied, I have healed and I have integrated whilst exploring my own gifts. Shadow work, authenticity and empowerment have become of real value alongside hosting many shamanic plant medicine ceremonies, fire ceremonies and workshops across the UK.

The four journeys below are available to download individually & also form part of the Shamanic Connection Workshop (the workshop includes additional content, recordings, PDF's and final quest/journey)

The Online Download Connection Series

Walking a Shamanic Path

Connection & Empowerment!

Hello and welcome to Heart Warriors.

We believe strongly that shamanism and ancient ways hold the keys for so many people and can be applied within a modern world. I was completely lost and disconnected to my soul, heart, inner strength, nature and all of the magic beyond our physical realm. I now help others to discover their own truth, inner connection & power via shamanic healing and teachings.

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Online Workshop - Shamanic Connection.