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Hello and welcome to Souljunkie Shamanic.

We believe strongly that shamanism and ancient ways hold the key for so many people and can be applied within a modern world. I was completely lost and disconnected to my soul, heart, inner strength, nature and all of the magic beyond our physical realm. I now help others to their own true power via shamanic healing and teachings.

Calling All Heart Warriors

Rob and I have decided to team up and create Heart Warriors because we’re both hugely passionate about bringing ancient shamanic teachings to people in the modern day. We have walked this path for a collective 20 years and gained a lot of experience we know needs and wants to be shared. 

We run a range of connection and plant spirit workshops, heart opening ceremonies and full, trauma informed shamanic training courses. We love our growing authentic community, a place to connect and share in our beautiful winding shamanic paths. We often meet accross the UK and share daily in our FB group.

Who is


Just a guy walking a path, playing flute, unraveling his truth and sharing it with an open heart and authenticity. A shamanic healer ready to dive in and discover more about himself, to feel more fulfilled and to help others discover their own empowerment.

From deep and reasonably extensive experiences with plant medicine in the Amazon Jungle for my own healing, to training in and walking a Siberian based medicine wheel and full Shamanic training, I have learned, I have studied, I have healed and I have integrated whilst exploring my own gifts. Shadow work and authenticity has become of real value, to truly understand myself. Embracing a shamanic path has been crucial for me to connect to my inner strength and guidance as well reconnecting with everything both physically and spiritually. 

Now feeling empowered for the first time in this 45 years on earth, proud of who I am, I look to pass on the wisdom, encouragement and knowledge, along with the shamanic tools and guidance to help others connect to their own inner strength and realise their own power, unique gifts and celebrate themselves. 

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